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MHCI Participating Server

Name: NetMHCpan 4.1:
Description: The default behavior of NetMHCpan-4.1 is to output HLA ligand likelihood. However, we are running with the '-BA' option in our evaluation so that binding affinities are provided as output.
Request method: POST
Request data format: method=netmhcpan&method_version=4.1&sequence_text=<PEPTIDE>&allele=<ALLELE>&length=<LENGTH>
Example request: curl --data "method=netmhcpan&method_version=4.1&sequence_text=ARFTGIKTA&allele=HLA-A*01:01&length=9"
Pubmed ID: 32406916
Author List: Reynisson B., Alvarez B., Paul S., Peters B., Nielsen M.

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