ElliPro: Antibody Epitope Prediction

Step 1. Input type
Choose an input type:

Protein sequence (Go to step 2a)

Protein structure (Go to step 2b)

Step 2a. Protein sequence
Enter a protein swiss-prot ID:
(example: P02185)
Or enter a protein linear sequence in PLAIN or FASTA format:
Blast expectation value:
(Default is 10)
Maximum number of 3D structural template(s):
(Default is 5)
Step 2b. Protein structure
Enter a 4 letter code PDB ID:
(example: 5LYM)
Or enter a protein structure PDB file:
Step 3. Epitope prediction parameters
Minimum score:
(Default is 0.5)
Maximum distance (Angstrom):
(Default is 6)