IEDB Analysis Resource
How does the submission works?
To submit a job, the user should inform the (i) name of the job, (ii) the linear epitope sequence and (iii) the MHC allotype to be modeled.


After submitting your job, it will enter in our server. Currently, our server allows the modeling of one job per person at a time and a total of four jobs at a time. This number should be improved soon. If your job status is referred as “Queued”, is because it is waiting in the line while other jobs are running. As soon as a space is free, the status job goes from “Queued” to “Running”.

How much time should I wait until the job is done?
The time elapsed will depend on some factors, which includes the type of MHC-I allele and the number of current jobs running. As soon as your status goes to “Running”, the pMHC-I complex should be ready in 3-6 hours.
What is the purpose to maintain the backbone epitope rigid during the molecular docking?
Our technique is based on structural allele-specific patterns adopted by the epitopes in the MHC-I cleft. These patterns were confirmed and validated through the complete analysis of all MHC-I alleles (HLA-A*02:01, HLA-B*27:05, H2-Db and H2-Kb) available on PDB. For more information, please see the “Overview” page.
How many jobs can I send each time?
Currently, it is possible to submit one job at a time. 


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