IEDB Analysis Resource

Epitope Prediction and Analysis Tools

Welcome to the Immune Epitope Database Analysis Resource.  This site provides a collection of tools for the prediction and analysis of immune epitopes.  It serves as a companion site to the Immune Epitope Database (IEDB) , a manually curated database of experimentally characterized immune epitopes.

The tools contained fall into the following categories:

T Cell Epitope Prediction Tools
This set of tools includes MHC class I & II binding predictions, as well as peptide processing predictions.

B Cell Epitope Prediction Tools
The tools here are intended to predict regions of proteins that are likely to be recognized as epitopes in the context of a B cell response.

Analysis Tools
The epitope analysis tools are intended for the detailed analysis of a known epitope sequence or group of sequences.
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Tools under AR Labs are experimental and are not quite ready for production yet. They are intended for further research, updates and testing.
IEDB-AR Release Notes
v2.15.1 - November 2016 NetMHCpan 3.0 integrated into MHC class I binding preditction tools NEW - standalone version of ...

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