IEDB Analysis Resource

Analysis Tools

The tools below are intended for the detailed analysis of a known epitope sequence or group of sequences.
  • Population Coverage
    • This tool calculates the fraction of individuals predicted to respond to a given set of epitopes with known MHC restrictions. This calculation is made on the basis of HLA genotypic frequencies assuming non-linkage disequilibrium between HLA loci.
  • Epitope Conservancy Analysis
    • This tool calculates the degree of conservancy of an epitope within a given protein sequence set at different degrees of sequence identity. The degree of conservation is defined as the fraction of protein sequences containing the epitope at a given identity level.
  • Epitope Cluster Analysis
    • This tool groups epitopes into clusters based on sequence identity. A cluster is defined as a group of sequences which have a sequence similarity greater than the minimum sequence identity threshold specified.
  • Homology Mapping
    • This tool maps linear and conformational epitopes to 3D structures of proteins. This is done by comparing the epitope source protein sequence with that of proteins with known 3D structures in the PDB. The tool generates an alignment between the query sequence of the epitope source sequence and a homologous sequence from the PDB, and allows to visualize the result in an EpitopeViewer.

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